Neuro-linguistic Programming – Orientation Course

Beginner's Guide to NLP

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What you’ll learn

  • - What is NLP
  • - What are the basic concepts in NLP
  • - Components of NLP
  • - Basic philosophy and techniques in NLP


  • - Willingness to learn
  • - A PC or Mobile with internet connection
  • - Headphone or Handsfree
  • - A silent place and some time when you can be undisturbed
  • - A pen and paper to make notes


The new science for Necessary Change!

Rather now it is no more new. But it is not even known to many. Still people are searching for easy ways to Change whatever they want to Change in their lives to make it the life they want to live. 

NLP is a revolutionary technique that embeds change into your Neurological Programming. Something that is done without our conscious involvement most of the times. As we grow, as we learn, as we experience, as we develop our beliefs. Thus is influenced by agencies that promote socialization.

This programming is not always Universally true. You often find a way of changing the things Our way. So NLP is one such revolutionary technology to help you with this programming.

This course will give you a glimpse about the basics of NLP.

In this Orientation course you will be learning the basic fundamentals about NLP

– What is NLP?

– What is Mindset or State?

-Anchors that keep you tagged and how they are created

-How do we perceive the world?

-What is the communication model of NLP?

– How can you exactly formulate your Outcome for life.

– How NLP can be helpful for getting What you exactly want in your life.